Reimagining Analytics and Reporting

Equipment Performance Visibility

The Airconnect Platform enables intelligent monitoring right down to the individual equipment level with our proprietary, easily deployed AircheK device.

This includes your HVAC plant and on-site energy generation systems such as solar PV and battery storage. AircheK gives you 24/7 visibility of equipment operating status, compliance, and live performance metrics.  Intuitive visualisations with custom alerts are sent directly to nominated stakeholders as soon as issues arise, giving you visibility over equipment downtime and energy consumption.


Utilising advanced edge gateway devices, low-cost energy metering, and retrofit IoT sensors where required, equipment-level operational data is easily extracted from your assets in real-time and stored in the Airconnect secure cloud data platform along with historic data for comparative analysis and condition reporting.

By integrating Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) features, including digital asset registers, The Airconnect Platform provides practical insights by combining live operational data with equipment-level specifications, historic maintenance records and visual inspection data. This holistic data-driven approach enables powerful analytics and gives you detailed visibility of  your equipment condition, compliance and key performance metrics.


Energy Performance & Benchmarking

Measuring and monitoring your equipment is essential to effectively manage energy use, costs, and productivity in your business. By making sure your building is energy efficient, you’re also doing your part in lowering greenhouse gas emissions towards net-zero.

As an authorised data recipient, Airconnect can request your smart meter interval data for energy and peak demand analysis, including bill checking and measuring a baseline of your sites. Sub-metering of individual systems and equipment is achieved using inexpensive energy meters connected to Airconnect’s secure cloud data platform.

Airconnect helps you understand how and when your equipment uses energy, giving you a baseline to track and report improvements, providing intuitive visualisations for easily identifying energy use, and cost saving opportunities including:

  • Real-time data baseline vs business activity comparisons, from whole of site, right down to equipment level visibility.
  • Identification of inactive equipment running unnecessarily.
  • Detection of abnormalities in the energy data, including abnormal spikes or zero consumption, which can indicate when equipment needs repairing or maintaining.

VBIS-enabled Asset Classification & Discovery

By implementing the VBIS asset classification standard for tagging asset data in a standardised way, Airconnect facilitates performance benchmarking and comparison against other similar equipment and sites.

The VBIS schema is a freely available and system-agnostic standard that provides a means of classifying asset data and resiliently connecting data sets. It integrates data sources across systems at the required level of detail to provide facilities and asset managers with a useful and consistent way to search, display, compare and interrogate key asset and maintenance information.

Reports, Dashboard & Alerts

Using live web-enabled dashboards, key performance metrics and intuitive visualisations are available at the click of a button. Depending on your requirements, custom alerts and reporting can be setup and sent directly to relevant stakeholders, facilitating the automatic detection and notification of operational status, non-compliance issues and energy wastage as soon as they occur, thus helping to minimising equipment down time, reduce energy costs and support the longevity and reliability of your equipment over their useful lifetime.

Practical insights provided through the Airconnect Platform include:

  • Energy consumption and peak-demand performance analytics, including weather-normalised historical performance comparisons.
  • Equipment operating status, condition and real-time performance reporting.
  • Real-time occupant comfort analytics using industry standard models including ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 55.
  • Real-time IAQ metrics and building health checks.

Lifecycle Cost Analysis

Life-cycle costing is an important tool for system designers, owners, facility managers and financial planners. Utilising integrated CMMS features, Airconnect provides a centralised knowledge-base of key lifecycle analysis metrics including operating costs, condition rating and remaining useful life of systems and equipment.

Lifecycle Cost Analysis

VBIS-enabled Asset Classification & Benchmarking

The VBIS schema is system-agnostic standard that provides a means of classifying asset data and resiliently connecting data sets. It integrates data sources across systems at the required level of detail to provide a consistent way to search, display, compare and interrogate key equipment and maintenance information.

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