HVAC Management Reimagined

By using advanced edge gateway devices, Airconnect is able to extract valuable operating data from proprietary protocols and HVAC systems seldom obtainable by other services. Our solutions allow you to collect all your building data in one place from disparate sources while retaining ownership and being able to share it with other service providers as needed. 

The Airconnect Platform securely stores your data (on Australian servers) using standardised data tagging and semantic data modelling.  By incorporating the latest ontologies including BRICK, Haystack and ASHRAE Standard 223, our technology makes it easy for decision makers and smart apps to search and discover the data needed to identify and capture cost and energy savings opportunities.

We hold ourselves accountable to service delivery through leading edge technology solutions to help you do just that.

equipment performance visibility


24/7 performance monitoring
Equipment lifecycle cost analysis

smart hvac maintenance


Reduce maintenance costs
Minimise equipment downtime

building energy optimisation


Reduce energy costs
Improve IAQ & comfort

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