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With more than 35 years experience delivering frontline retrofit and maintenance contracts in the HVAC industry, it has become increasingly evident to me over the years that serious research, thought, and a concerted effort was required; fundamental questions needed answers, and technology-based efficiency solutions were a must to reframe the impact HVAC can have on the mid-tier building sector. We had to find a means of  enhancing the relationship between HVAC systems and energy production and consumption in the built environment to support mid-tier building owners and managers. 

  • How do we reduce unnecessary maintenance, energy costs and equipment wear and tear?
  • How can we provide real time analytics that supports decision makers affecting change?
  • Where can we help save client OPEX using digital solutions? 
  • How can we help our clients reduce energy and water consumption?

It was clear. We need to reimagine the way HVAC is managed.

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David Jones  M.AIRAH, F.IML

Founder & Inventor

Our Team

David Jones, Hustler

David Jones

  • HVAC veteran with 37 years experience
  • Founder & Inventor
Josh Wall, Hacker

Josh Wall

  • 20+ years in Smart Buildings industry
  • Prolific library of published whitepapers in the smart building space
Nat Byrne

Nat Byrne
HVAC Tech/The Integrator

  • 25 years in HVAC industry 
  • Project delivery
Derek Butterworth

Derek Butterworth
Solar Aficionado

Chey Bodhi

Chey Bodhi
Money Manager