A revolutionary way to manage your HVAC assets

Are you a key stakeholder for one of the 80% of Australian commercial buildings that make up the mid-tier building sector?
If so, our solutions can relieve your pain points to simplify your transition to net zero.

We understand the ever increasing need to manage OPEX efficiently, get the best out of your HVAC equipment and on-site energy generation systems, and meet your Environmental, Social, and Governance obligations.

To help you achieve this, Airconnect delivers real-time analytics through leading-edge digital solutions to galvanise the link between operations and information technology so your decision makers can enable whole of building optimisation. 

equipment performance visibility


Live Performance Tracking
Equipment Condition Monitoring

smart hvac maintenance


AI-enabled Analytics
Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

building energy optimisation


Data-Driven Digital Twin
Optimised HVAC Controls

Why Airconnect?

We understand how critical the link is between your energy-consuming and energy- harvesting systems.

The combined experience of our leadership team in the HVAC,  renewable energy and smart building industries, empowers our team to create bespoke solutions under any range of conditions. 

Effective management of your HVAC and energy system equipment; the need for accurate information being at your fingertips; and the need to bring your buildings inline with technology advances to enhance equipment lifecycle and optimise your energy consumption has never been more important.

Our patented solutions have been developed in partnership with CSIRO, using world leading principles and methodologies to provide the results you need.

Check out our team and the smarts they continue to bring to our clients and our ongoing research and development projects.

Are you ready to move your building into the digital age?

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